PS&R Reconciliation
The PS&R Reconciliation feature is an integrated component of the HFS Medicare Cost Report software. It is available in all of our Medicare Cost Reporting Software. The PS&R Reconciliation tool enables providers to prepare more accurate cost reports and also dramatically reduces the amount of data entry required to complete the cost report. HFS makes this tool available to both provider and MAC clients. The CMS PS&R website offers PS&R extract files as an output file option. These are the files that the cost report software can import into the PS&R tool.
Recorded PS&R - HOSPITALS WebEx Training Session
Recorded PS&R - Non-HOSPITALS WebEx Training Session
Data is imported from the CMS extract (.CSV) or can be keyed into the PS&R Reconcilliation feature. Importing data saves time and reduces the possibility of errors. The feature is compatible with the Legacy PS&R extracts and the extract files available for download from the current CMS PS&R website.

You can view the PS&R reports by selecting PS&R Reconcilliation from the Tools menu. Double-click on a component in the list on the left side of the sreen and you will see a list of reports. Then double-click on a report to show its details.

By clicking on a component, the reports assoviated with that component will appear in the top of the screen. Clicking on individual reports will display the report with all the revenue codes, dates of service and PS&R amount.

The default sort order is by revenue code, and then by date of service. You can sort by any column by clicking on the column heading.

The PS&R feature allows you to manually enter data if extract files are not available or if you wish to adjust data or add lines of data. The system has Standard reports that can be used or custom reports. Users can also adjust amounts in the Adjustment Amount column or add lines of data at the bottom of the list.

The next step is to tell the system where the PS&R amounts should be assigned in the cost report. The HFS system is very flexible and provides as must automation as possible.

You can generate worksheet assignments for the data by clicking on the Generate Worksheet Assignments button on the toolbar. In the dialog box that appears, you can select one or more providers to include when you're generating worksheet assignments.

HFS automatically generates the assignments for all of the revenue codes we can and then provides screens for users to customize the rest.

The system comes with a "standard crosswalk" of assumptions where the Revenue codes should be mapped. Users update this crosswalk to show their own mappings. HFS allows for the allocation of revenue codes also. Allocation statistics can be keyed or imported.

Yes, this can be used as a template for the next year or other facilities in the chain.

If you are an auditor, you can export the differences to the Auditor feature and audit adjustments will be automatically created. If you are a provider, the PS&R amounts can be exported to the cost report.

You can preview a difference report that shows the differences between the cost report and the PS&R file. Simply click on the Difference Report button on the toolbar, and a report will be generated.

The system goes beyond just grouping data. It shows when a revenue code has not been assigned, it also shows when the MCR hs an amount where an amount would be expected from the PS&R and will zero that amount.

Audit Adjustment descriptions can be customized.

Click here to use an interactive tutorial demonstrating the PS&R Reconciliation features.