Intern/Resident Information System(IRIS)
The HFS IRIS database is user friendly, meets the CMS IRIS diskette filing requirements and is a powerful management tool.

System Features of the HFS IRIS 5.0 Database:
  • Stores Interns and their Rotations in a database
  • Calculates FTE amounts and groups them by type
  • Accumulates FTE counts for W/S E Part A and E-4
  • Edits for potential problems with information before submission
  • Compiles multiple years of data for reduced data entry for the next year
  • Allows for import of Excel and .csv files along with .dbf
  • Residency Calendar for proper Out of IRP calculations, FTE weighting and thorough edit checking
  • Overlap checking and calculating within the user’s database
  • Creation of Facility Information record
  • Changes to Intern’s Records are tracked and saved
  • Simultaneous Match information is saved and used for calculations
  • Search Capabilities by Name and Social Security Number

  • One IRIS Filing: $750
  • Each Additional IRIS Filings: $250
  • Review License (No reports actually filed): $500

  • HFS Pricing & Licensing


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