HFS Home Health Agency (HHA) Medicare Cost Report Software (1728-94)
The Health Financial Systems (HFS) Home Health Agency Medicare Cost Report (MCR) software is very powerful and user friendly. The HFS MCR system allows users to easily key data, but also has the ability to upload and import data from your GL/AIS. Health Financial Systems is a fully approved CMS vendor, all data is collected and edited to CMS standards. The Home Health Agency MCR system will produce the necessary files for submission to your MAC.

Features of the HFS 1728-94 HHA Medicare Cost Report System:
  • CMS approved vendor
  • Copy & paste capabilities to and from Microsoft Excel spreadsheets
  • Updates are easily installed
  • Ability to open multiple files at the same time
Productivity and Advanced Features:
  • Medicare Auditor
  • PS&R Reconciliation
  • Automated Account Interface
  • Management Reports
  • Data Extractor

  • One Home Health Agency Filing: $385
  • Each Additional Home Health Agency Filing: $50
  • Review License (No reports actually filed): $200

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