HFS HCRIS Database
The database has been designed to give our user’s easy access to HCRIS and other data sources. Data is presented in several different formats to accommodate different user types. The system currently has several Snapshot Reports and the Advanced Search and Extract features ready for use. We are interested in your thoughts and needs, try it and let us know what you think.

Features of the HFS HCRIS Database:
  • The HCRIS database can recreate cost reports and users can download and view both .mcrx and .pdf.
  • Snapshot Reports can be viewed, printed or extracted instantly for a quick look at any hospital in the database.
    • Current Hospital Single Data Snapshot Reports are: PPS Hospital Dashboard, IP PPS Dashboard, CAH Dashboard, Balance Sheet Report, IPF PPS Dashboard.
    • Current Hospital Comparison Snapshot Reports are: Wage Index Report, DSH Summary, GME Summary Report, IME Summary Report, Reimb vs Cost Analysis, Bad Debt Report, SCH/MDH Report, Protested Amounts, HIT Reimbursement Settlement, Hospital Uncompensated S-10 and Rehab LIP Report. Our screens are set up to display 4 columns of data. The columns can be set to show data from the same facility for different years or different report statuses. Users can also set the 4 columns to show 4 different hospitals for comparison.
  • Available Facility Reports allows for a user to search the HCRIS database to find all the reports/data the database has for the specified provider.
  • Advanced Search and Extract - The system goes on to allow for searches on the entire database to filter by Provider Number, Provide Name, FYB, FYE, Report Status, City, State, MAC #, Type of Hospital, Provider Type, Type of Control, CBSA, Bed Size Range, Organ, DSH, Teaching, CAH, SCH/MDH, Urban/Rural and Utilization.
    • After filtering to the set of reports you want, data from the Snapshot Reports, worksheet series and custom user defined specs can be exported into .xls or .csv files for further data analysis. For 2552-10 mcrx files HFS can recreate a downloadable .mcrx file or a .pdf.
Productivity and Advanced Features:
  • The Multi Facility Comparison report tool compares up to 4 providers of your choice; comparing the data from any of the Snapshot reports.
  • Wage Data Analysis by CBSA allows you to select a year and a CBSA or Reclassified CBSA code and use them as search criteria to retrieve wage data for providers that were within the scope of your search.
  • Roll Up Reports are a comparison report that compares a single provider to the average of multiple providers’ data. We collect all the relevant comparison data and display a number we call the ‘comparative average’.
  • Provider Map is a Google map that shows the location of every hospital provider.
  • Provider List can be made and saved to allow for quick use of the filters.
Coming Soon:
  • Other Data Types - HFS plans to add the following to the HCRIS databases: SNF, RHC, ESRD, HHA and Hospice

  • Annual HCRIS Hospital database subscription for users at the same company:
  • 1-2 Users - $1,000
  • 3-5 Users - $1,500
  • 6-10 Users - $2,000
  • 11-15 Users - $2,500
  • 16-20 Users - $3,000
  • 21–29 Users - $4,000
  • 30–49 Users - $4,500
  • 50-99 Users - $5,000
  • 100+ Users – $7,500

  • HFS Pricing & Licensing


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