HFS User Meeting 2016
2016 HFS User Meeting held in Denver, Colorado. Below you'll find links to presentations and presenter bios.

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Day 1
1 - Welcome, Introduction & Update Becky Dolin
2 - MCR Forms Changes Eric Swanson
3 - MAC Portals and Gen Update Brian Mills, First Coast Service Options
4 - What Should be on Your Medicare Radar Alyssa Keefe, CA Hospital Association
5 - FY 2017 IPPS Legislative and Regulatory Update Bob Roth, Hooper, Lundy & Bookman, Inc.
6 - The Evolution of the PRRB Process Mike Newell & Kristin DeGroat, Southwest Consulting Associates
7 - HFS HCRIS Database Ron Knapp, Toyon Associated, Inc. Steve Booth & Roberto Azzimonti
8 - IRIS Luke DiSabato

Day 2
9 - Medicare DSH Hal Guthrie, Dixon Hughes, Goodman LLP
10 - Make the Most of Your Wage Index Opportunity Jonathan Besler, Scott Besler, DeLicia Maynard, Besler Consulting
11 - Understanding the different cost/charge ratios that live in your cost report & Margin Analysis Mike Nichols & Chad Krcil, RSM US LLP
12 - CAH Issues Michael Smith, Eide Bailly, LLP
13 - The Future Impact of Your Current Medicare Cost Report Paul Holden, Moss Adams
14 - Medicare Bad Debt Mike Nichols & Chad Krcil, RSM US LLP
15 - Basics Review and Common Support Questions Steve Booth
16 - PS&R Reconciliation Feature and Update Luke DiSabato
17 - Analyzing Data Using Management Reports & Special Reports Eric Swanson
18 - Reducing Data Entry Using the Automated Account Interface, Data Extract and API Data Extractor Steve Booth & Jaqueline Coleman
19 - What If and Impact Analysis Using the HFS Medicare Auditor Chuck Briggs
20 - Submitting Data to the HFS SaFE Site Becky Dolin